The Outsider: Doppelgängers & Monsters

“Once you eliminate the natural, whatever remains must be supernatural?”

Stephen King, The Outsider, 2018
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What a great way to relax during the holidays like reading a supernatural crime thriller by one of the greatest writers of modern horror. To begin 2022 with a bang, I wanted to read something quick and entertaining, and I subsequently came across The Outsider by Stephen King through a recommendation. The novel was adapted into a limited series in 2020 starring Ben Mendelsohn starring as the titular character Ralph Anderson. Although there are huge differences between the limited series and the novel, The Outsider is eerie, uncomfortable, and a fantastic read.

The Book Summary

The Outsider takes place in the fictional town of Flint City, Oklahoma. Detective Ralph Anderson interviews witnesses detailing the corpse of eleven-year old Frankie Peterson, found disturbingly mutilated and violated with evidence all pointed at Flint City’s little league coach, Terry Maitland. The criminal lawsuit against Coach Maitland becomes a wild goose chase when evidence occur of Terry being present in another city, the day of the murder. How a person be in two places at once becomes the enigma of King’s 2018 novel.

Book Reflection

The Outsider entices readers what feels like 100 pages despite finishing at 560 pages. It might be King’s invigorating writing style that enthralls us to know what happens next. Overall, King approaches his critically acclaimed novel with a new and fresh twist of doppelgängers and monsters. Well whatever it is, I believe The Outsider will be this generation’s literary piece contended for modern horror, reminding readers to think twice before jumping to conclusions; As things are not as they appear to be.

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Doppelgänger or Shapeshifter?

King has familiar stories as a reminder to readers to remember a supernatural element is present in our world. Upon reading The Outsider, the supernatural connects with another element of Stephen King’s most famous monster: Pennywise the Clown. Both shapeshifters with unique characteristics to lure their victims. King drives his readers in a frenzy and fear when It was first published. A shapeshifting freak of nature that channels its victims’ fear to consume. Now, a new contender is matched with Pennywise is El Cuco, a Latin American mythical monster that takes form of something scarier: A human being.


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