The World will Crumble

Original Poem

The world will crumble when my unrequited love for you fades into the fog

Memories of unspoken emotions continues to turn in my heart like the gears of a clock.

The world will crumble when my melancholia for you will be forgotten

All you’ve taught me, all the firsts, will dissipate like the sun evaporating the mist.

Although you do not love me anymore, I hold on to the memories

The nostalgia overflowing my mind consumes me like a crashing wave.

I do not wish to reunite with you

All  I want is to hold my remembrance like a small child

Dearly precious and safe in the locket of my heart 

Though broken and crushed from our love’s end.

My life will move on like a ghost’s shadow

But the world will crumble when I no longer feel for you. 

Once in a while, I’ll think of some original works to share. I also am a writer; not professional of course. Sometimes I’ll write poems on my free time, do some writing exercises, but my future is publish a book. This seems almost every writer’s dream, I understand this might appear as a clone of another idea. However, I’d love to express myself to readers, and hopefully these works can be fillers in between book reflections. I think that is something we writers have in common. To express our thoughts, as if we are making our own literary art.

Also, last week was Thanksgiving, and it was quite hectic. I didn’t have the time or effort to write. I apologize! Anyway, here is my original piece called “The World will Crumble”. This was inspired by an old love that might be held for a long time, to be forgotten is not an option. Please enjoy!

Until then, open your mind to old and new worlds, and Ad Astra Per Libras.

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